Welcome to the site of Holland Trade Net* pharma & food center
We are Egyptian- Dutch Importers and Exporters of Spices, Herbs and Vegetables.

We are pleased to take this opportunity to introduce our company and our products.

Holland Trade Net is an Egyptian -Netherlands family company located in Amsterdam.
We are specialized in spices, herbs and vegetables for the food industry and nutraceuticals purposes.
Our products are cultivated and dried according to ISO standard.
Cultivation and drying take place directly in the country of origin and the marketing
take place in Europe.

In Amsterdam we have a storehouse so that you get your order within short time.
We recognise that our customers want to be provided with products at the best
price considering quality and reliability of supply.
Partnership needs trust, and trust stems from the success and satisfaction of our customers.

Our aim is therefore to win the trust of our customers and to add value
in the short as well as in the long term.

Please find enclosed our productlist. If we can be at your service to achieve your goals
through supplying you with our products please let us know and we do our best to help you.